35% H2O2

35% Hydrogen Peroxide

35% hydrogen peroxide, also known as food grade hydrogen peroxide, is a much more concentrated form of H2O2 than you would normally find in your local drugstore or pharmacy.

35% hydrogen peroxide is 35% pure hydrogen peroxide and 65% pure water by weight.

According to Material Safety Data Sheets for 35% hydrogen peroxide, it is highly reactive, considered to be a corrosive liquid, a skin and mucous membrane irritant, and a corrosive agent to mucous membranes so be careful with it!

35% Hydrogen Peroxide MSDS

Be green: buy 35% hydrogen peroxide and dilute it yourself!

35% hydrogen peroxide may be diluted to 3% hydrogen peroxide for most home uses by mixing one part 35% hydrogen peroxide with eleven (11) parts water. It would probably be best to dilute with purified or distilled water so that you don’t get any extra minerals or chlorine in your H2O2 solution from your tap water. Just be careful, 35% H2O2 has very strong oxidizing (bleaching) properties.

Remember to use a dark brown or other light block opaque bottle or container. As we learned from the chemical formula for hydrogen peroxide, H2O2 is not a stable compound and readily breaks down into water and oxygen. Sunlight exasperates this tendency, as does heat. Keep your H2O2 solution in a cool place or in the refrigerator.

I personally suggest that you wear protective glasses just in case the concentrated H2O2 splashes in your eyes.

35% Hydrogen Peroxide Dilution Chart:

  • ¼ C 35% hydrogen peroxide + 2 ¾ C water = 3 C 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • ½ C 35% hydrogen peroxide + 5 ½ C water = 6 C 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 C 35% hydrogen peroxide + 11 C water = 12 C 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 ¼C 35% hydrogen peroxide + 14 ¾ C water = 1 gallon 3% hydrogen peroxide



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